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What is Phentermine?

Top Diet Pill Reviewed - Phenhermine Reviewed

PhenhermineResults™ has been awarded Phentermine Reviews top diet pill rating, as the most effective and safer Herbal Phentermine diet pill we've tested.  Both our experts and volunteer consumer test subjects gave Phenhermine™ Herbal Phentermine™ top scores for:

  1. Top overall effective weight loss potential.
  2. Scientifically based weight loss formula.
  3. Safer without known side effects weight loss product.
  4. Excellent service, fast shipping, helpful customer service.
  5. Excellent price, especially considering the 'real results potential'.
  6. Excellent overall satisfaction with the product and initial order processing.

Additional criteria considered in our top diet pill score for PhentermineResults were its consumer responsive and friendly policies including:

  1. 100% money back guarantee.
  2. Live support to answer our questions.
  3. No consumer complaints whatsoever that we could locate.
  4. Good business standing and practices.

After conducting our Phenhermine™ review it was clear that this diet product, would be our #1 selected weight loss product. Phenhermine™ tests and research revealed it:

  • Acheived more favorable real weight loss results vs. other weight loss products
  • Had an extensive safer potential vs. other diet drugs
  • Is a scientifically based weight loss formula with effective weight loss ingredients in substantive quantities with improved potential to drive weight loss

In short Phenhermine™ achieved excellent weight loss results through effective appetite suppression.  Most importantly, Phenhermine™ weight loss results may be achieved without the reported diet drug prescription unwanted side effects such as dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, stomach upset, painful urination, blurred vision and decreased sexual drive.

How does Phenhermine Work?

Phenhermine is an all in one cutting-edge, advanced appetite suppressant.  Its secret is that its weight loss formula contains exclusive powerful appeite suppressants ingredients including:

Hoodia - Hoodia is a succulent plant belonging to the Asclepiadaceae (milkweed) family which consists of approximately 20 species, including Hoodia gordonii. It has recently been in the spotlight - featured on a segment of CBS's 60 Minutes and brought to the western world as a supplement for diet to aid in obesity and weight loss by suppressing appetite.  For thousands of years, Hoodia has been used by San bushmen populating the arid territories of South Africa and Namibia.  These bushmen chewed pieces of Hoodia on long hunting trips to curb hunger.  Hoodia's appetite-suppressing ingredient, known as P57, seems to send a signal to the hypothalamus of the brain that tells the body it is no longer hungry.  This brain message is much stronger than that of glucose.*

What are Hoodia's Benefits?

Many people worldwide are at risk from conditions related to obesity, such as heart disease and diabetes.  Hoodia research with subjects has shown the potential for powerful reduction of appetite along with a reduced caloric intake. 

* Tulp OL, Harbi NA, Mihalov J, DerMarderosian A. Effect of Hoodia plant on food intake and body weight in lean and obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats. FASEB J 2001 Mar 7;15(4):A404.

* Tulp OL, Harbi NA, DerMarderosian A. Effect of Hoodia plant on weight loss in congenic obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats. FASEB J 2002 Mar 20;16(4):A648.

Alternate spelling: hootia, hodia, hoodie, hudia, hoodia

While ever since the ban on Ephedra, many Ephedra free diet supplements have come into the diet market only a select few have achieved real weight loss results sought by consumers.

Phenhermine™, a popular over the counter Ephedra free Phentermine alternative weight loss supplement offers real potential to aid in weight loss.  Its potent ingredients in large quantities likely may better aide real weight loss results.  

PhenhermineConsumer Reviews:

Thank you for a wonderful product.  After the birth on my 2nd child, I began my weight loss plan with the help of Phenhermine.  It worked like a charm.  I feel like a brand new woman!  Thanks!  Edie

After trying one diet pill to the next and can honestly say this product worked the best by far.  I could actually feel my appetite disappear and could see the weight come off. I went from a size 38 pants to size 32.  This is an awesome diet product. Matt - NY, USA

Loseing weight has never been easy for me.  I've been overweight for as long as I can remember.  That's why your product was literally a life saver for me.  Nothing worked well, untill I tried Phenhermine.  I love seeing my body change and so does my doctor.  I've got just 10 more pounds to reach my goal.  Thank you.  Marge

I never thought I'd fit into my favorite cocktail dress again. But after 3 months of dieting success, it fits like a glove. I love my new body.  No more saddle bags and no more love handles!  I finally fit into my old sexy clothes and I have real sexy curves to show off for a change.  Thank you for giving me a new outlook.   Melanie

I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first.  But after my 3rd bottle I'm a true believer.  It's never been easier to take off the weight and keep it off.  I plan on using this product to keep those pounds at bay.  Thank you for a terrific product.  Lee


Our top diet pill award goes to Phenhermine™.   Phenhermine™ demonstrates best of class effective weight loss results potential at a reasonable cost.  And most importantly with less of the common unfavorable side effects associated with other diet products.

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Top Rated Diet Pill:

  1. Top effective weight loss
  2. Safer, no known side effects
  3. Excellent service
  4. Excellent price
  5. Excellent consumer satisfaction

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